The offices of Cei Smith & Associates, LLC are located in Wallingford, Connecticut. We have been open since January 1, 2007. For the previous nineteen years Michael Cei was employed as an accident reconstructionist at Spectrum Engineering Group, LLC in Cheshire, Connecticut. Nigel Smith was also employed at Spectrum for the previous five years as a reconstruction technician and graphic assistant. Today we are partnered together to not only offer the same excellent level of accident investigation, but to also provide additional graphic presentations for any type of claim. We have no geographic limitations on where we will work, although most of our assignments have been throughout New England.

In addition to providing complete accident reconstruction investigations, our company can provide you with additional technical services including the preparation and printing of large scale aerial photographs, color diagrams and high definition digital video documentation complete from filming to DVD. In the future, our plans include expanding into 3-D color drawings and animations to supplement our findings. We currently employ state of the art forensic mapping techniques including the use of a Topcon prism / non-prism Total Station, Topcon GR-3 GPS surveying instrument and Photo Modeler photogrammetry software.

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